mobile bases for JBL 4670d

MBV-FS80 anti-vibration / isolation platform


mobile bases for JBL 4670d


The mobile bases for the JBL 4670d speakers are the first custom-made product of this type. The client wanted massive bases with the option of easy movement so that his new, very heavy speakers (130 cm high and about 95 kg / piece) could be easily moved without need of lifting.


In order to maintain a certain elegance of the finish and to match the bases to the speakers in terms of color the Oak wood has become a pretty obvious choice as well as the necessity to color it black. The bases had to be solid and massive enough to cope with the pressure of the speakers, so the final dimensions of the glued panels reached 67 x 47 x 5.5 cm. (the edges should protrude 1 cm per side).

After rough machining, the bases were delicately milled to eliminate sharp edges. make grip of the bases a bit easier and more convenient to move if necessary, 3 slots were made in the bottom of each base - one long in the front and shorter on each of the short sides.


In order to obtain the right color and at the same time a durable, solid finish, the bases have been covered with three layers of very hard, black acrylic lacquer.

The most important stage of the project was the selection of wheels. They had to be torsional, with a good brake, as small as possible to fit in proportion to the size of the base, and most importantly, they had to withstand the vary big weight of the speakers and their possible sliding over uneven floors or carpet edges.

Ultimately, industrial-class wheels of a Polish manufacturer were used. Twin wheels, swivel, bearing with spline brake in a housing made of very durable 2 mm thick galvanized steel - most importantly, with a load capacity of 100 kg per piece. Inevitably, the bases received a total load capacity of 400 kg per unit. The wheels are attached with 4 massive wood screws with a coarse sparse thread for maximum clamping force.



The client was extremely pleased with the final result, mainly due to the fact that the columns together with the bases weighing more than 100 kg could literally slide on the floor by using just one finger.




Weight - 12 kg / pc

Dimensions: 67 x 47 x 13 cm

Materials - solid OAK wood

Finish - BLACK, hard aceylic varnish

Maximum sugested load - 350 kg / pc