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Unique pre-amp casing in the FULL CUSTOM version


The half-case for the NORDMENDE PA-1000 tube preamplifier was ordered by a customer who had an exceptionally high fondness for his equipment and wanted the old, but in very good condition, pre-amp to receive appropriate clothing. Due to the fact that this model has never had a dedicated additional enclosure or even the cheapest version of the finish, i.e. covering the original sheet metal cover with a foil with a wood pattern, it was necessary to complete the entire project from scratch.


The design of course required direct access to the device. It was necessary to fully dimension it, with particular emphasis on precise tracing the mounting holes, where there could be no mistake, otherwise the enclosure would simply not be able to be attached.

Removal of the measures did not cause any problems, despite significant play in certain sections of the assembly frame. The new enclosure was finally to be fitted as an additional cover on the original galvanized sheet..


The high quality waterproof plywood was used – a standard construction material for those kind of products - here with a thickness of 18 mm (sides) and 15 mm (top). The upper section required a hole for the ventilation grill and the necessary internal milling to hide its mounting strips.

Before conecting all pieces, holes for mounting screws were punched and drilled in the side parts.

After connecting the housing elements it was necessary to mill the edge of the front part in order to fit the groove of the amplifier faceplate, which was to hide inside to obtain the appropriate visual effect. After that the whole enclosure was covered with American walnut veneer.


For further finishing the veneer received additional staining with a brown oil stain and then a multilayer, hand-rubbed polish based on natural Indian shellac, thanks to which it obtained the intended, delicate, satin gloss.

The next steps included the installation of a ventilation grill made of perforated aluminum sheet, lacquered with chemically hardened black acrylic lacquer. Its position was first stabilized with four pieces of SAMBA wood.

Finally, the fully finished enclosure was attached to the amplifier's skeleton with black M4 allen screws.