My name is Maciej. My fascination with seemingly separate fields, such as audio, woodwork and metal processing, started in my childhood, when from an early age I visited my father's workshop, a professional machinist, later a theatrical carpenter and set designer, who also bought me my first, bigger audio equipment.

Most of all, wood, but also metal processing have always been a part of my life, and all work related to it was usually carried out with the accompaniment of music coming from subsequent audio equipment, both workshop pieces and more remarkable home sets.

The passion for these areas soon turned into independent creation of projects such as Audio / Video cabinets, shelves for record collections, stands for bookshelf monitors and own large sets of speakers, etc. The first projects and implementations were made for the needs of my own, friends and family.

Over time, projects, especially my own, became more and more serious.

On the wave of interest from the outside in my publications in social media, I decided to create my own brand - "shubi CUSTOM DESIGN", now renamed "SHUBI Custom Acoustic Stands".

Currently, under this name, I create audio-related products that can be found on this website.