speakers-boxes for LiiAudio CRYSTAL 10″

audio platform HWS2LA-06-B
bases for ALTEC Model 14

speaker-boxes for

LiiAudio CRYSTAL 10"

Custom-made housings for the LiiAudio drivers – the Chinese manufacturer of speakers.

The ordered enclosures were prepared for a specific model of this brand's drivers, as it was a large flagship - the broadband CRYSTAL 10 ”- which made an impression with its mere appearance.

The design of the enclosures was based on the design provided by the manufacturer, dedicated to the aforementioned loudspeakers, which was a rectangular box with a rectangular BASS-REFLEX port and maximally simplified transmission line.


The housing, according to the customer's wishes, was made entirely of 18mm MDF board, in a non-removable form. The only deviation from the design was milling all the edges of the crates, except for the base, with a 9.5 mm radial cutter to make them more practical and visual.

The set was finished in the form of 3 layers of semi-matt, snow-white polyurethane varnish.

The panel with high-class terminals is located on the rear wall, halfway up its height, making it possible to connect raw wires, cables with insulated pins or banana plugs.

After the work was completed, the finished loudspeakers repaid with a great sound from the great, great ShuguangAudio SG-845-7B tube amplifier generating 21W of power on both channels.



Open rectangular enclosures with BASS-REFLEX port and simplified transmission line

Dimensions – 110 x 45 x 34 cm

WFinish – WHITE polyurethane varnish