bases for ALTEC Model 14

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ALTEC Model 14

The ALTEC Model 14 loudspeaker stands are a structure based on the design of the Japanese Kenrick Sound brand, specifically the model dedicated to the JBL 4343 loudspeakers.

The stands have been appropriately reduced to fit the support surface to the smaller columns. In terms of dimensions, only the height of 20 cm has not changed as in the original.

Due to the necessity to reduce production costs, walnut wood has been replaced with oak. For the purposes of adjusting the color to some of the elements of the columns, the whole was covered with black rustic stain based on coal dust. Natural oil from Chinese tung wood was used as the finish, which gave the color of the stain the appropriate saturation and left a delicate, satin texture.




Dimensions – 53,3 x 41,9 x 20 cm

Materials - solid OAK wood

Finish - BLACK spirit woodstain / natural Tung oil.