audio platform HWS2LA-06-B

headphone stand PPV-2
speakers-boxes for LiiAudio CRYSTAL 10″




Platform made to order. Used as an isolation base for the classic PIONEER PL570 turntable.



The structure of the platform is made entirely of solid wood. It consists of two tops - glued laminated board made of African WENGE and a middle segment, which is a frame with a stiffening truss, made of also African - SAMBA.

WENGE, thanks to its incredible hardness, is an exceptionally solid base that can withstand a very high load, and at the same time an excellent construction base for the entire platform. The middle segment – which is the most important part of the platform - is a SAMBA frame with an internal truss, filled with a mixture of anti-vibration and energy-consuming granules - 1-3 mm quartz and 2-4 mm rubber.



The platform is based on specially turned solid brass alloys with a total diameter of 50 mm, the integral elements of which are fixed EPDM rubber plates and flexible cork mass, preventing damage to both the bottom of the lower platform and the ground on which the platform stands. The feet are attached with stainless M6 hexagon socket screws to the spacers insulated with cork spacers.

The platform is finished with a hand-rubbed ruby polish based on natural Indian shellac. In this case, it is 15 layers, which on the WENGE structure allowed to obtain a matte-satin surface requested by the client.




Weight - 13 kg

Dimensions - 54 x 44 x 8 cm

Materials - solid WENGE and SAMBA wood / solid brass

Filling - black quartz and EPDM rubber re-granulate

Finish - hand-rubbed natural indian shellac