ACCUPHASE P300-II – full custom enclosure

Stand for amplifier tubes
GARRARD 401 custom plinth


ACCUPHASE P300-II  - full custom enclosure


The enclosure for the classic ACCUPHASE P300-II power amplifier was made as a special order for a regular customer from Sweden.

The main requirement was to match it to previously ordered enclosures so that they constitute a certain stylistic set.


The enclosure for ACCUPHASE P300-II is slightly different from the factory model.

According to the customer's request, it was modified to unify its appearance with previously ordered cabinets for two McIntosh units. The front part does not surround the front panel of the device but rests on its rear side.

In turn, the upper, longitudinal ventilation channels were replaced with a much larger section with varnished, perforated aluminum sheet as a cover for the airflow opening.

Only the side, vertical ventilation channels, milled through, directly in the walls of the enclosure, have been preserved as consistent with the original factory design,



The enclosure is covered with modified AMARANTO wooden veneer, Decor type, with a characteristic wavy pattern and amber color. The finish is hard oil wax with an additional coating of polished hygrophobic hard wax.

The basis for the whole is four feet with a diameter of 40 mm and a height of 25 mm, specially made of solid brass.