Stand for amplifier tubes

FISHER X-100-3 (1964) – Full Custom cabinet
ACCUPHASE P300-II – full custom enclosure


Stojak na lampy do wzmacniaczy


A lamp stand/display is another individual project for one of our clients. The customer wanted it to be made of solid Merbau to match the previously purchased display for a single CD album, made of the same wood.


The stand has the form of a block with total dimensions of 180 x 130 mm and a height of 35 mm. For an additional visual effect, the walls were cut at an angle of 15 degrees.

To ensure that the lamps are mounted stably, 6 pieces of universal 6SN7 sockets are installed.



The stand/display is finished with 3 layers of waterproof, satin, hard oil wax.