GARRARD 401 custom plinth

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Custom housing for OYAIDE MTS-4 power distributor


GARRARD 401 custom plinth


The plinth for the GARRARD 401 turntable was made for special order from a regular customer from France. It replaced an old and heavily damaged DIY plinth made of Samba wood.

At the same time, at the customer's request, the new one was significantly enlarged compared to its predecessor, reaching the target dimensions of 64x40x11 cm.


The plinth is made of doubled, uniform 18 mm birch plywood, which makes the walls ultimately 36 mm thick. This added weight and stability.

The table top is made of a single 21 mm plywood, with a routed slot for the turntable body. Thanks to this, the body was recessed deep into the body.

At the bottom of the plinth, additional elements are installed to rib the internal corners and brass feet, specially made of solid brass, are attached to them.



The whole plinth was covered with fully natural oak veneer with dense longitudinal grain.

Multi-layer hard oil wax was used to finish the surface.