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12 March 2022
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by SHUBI - 2way loudspeakers


SUAVE is the third prioprietary speaker project from the SHUBI manufacture.

SUAVE is a combination of a visual retro style, characteristic for loudspeakers and bookshelf monitors from several decades ago, with modern technology of used electronic components.

This classic form, combined with appropriately developed acoustic solutions, provides an exceptionally pleasant sound and a wide stage.


SUAVE loudspeakers are a product designed and made in Poland, based on domestic and imported components.

It is a 2-way construction featuring a silk SEAS tweeter with a waveguide and a cellulose STX (10 ”) MID-woofer, operating in an open bass-reflex enclosure with a tuned dual front port. Both drivers, working together with a properly designed crossover and acoustically optimized enclosure, reflect both the detail and dynamics, as well as the depth of the sound.



The loudspeakers have dedicated grilles with upholstery in the form of a high-class, three-layer, acoustically permeable fabric. The grilles are attached with neodymium magnets, which makes it easier to remove them.


The RMS power of the set is 150W, but it can even work with amplifiers generating only 10W per channel. It works very well in combination with good-class classic transistor devices, but shows its full potential in the presence of tube amplifiers.

The SUAVE loudspeakers are designed for rooms with an area of 14 to 25-30 m2. The sound may differ depending on the used sound source and the acoustic adaptation of the room.


To ensure optimal conditions for listening to the loudspeakers (including the height in relation to the listener), the set also includes dedicated stands with a height of 56 cm and same base size as loudspeakers. The stands have a multi-ribbed structure with 4 partitions filled with synthetic wool and a large ballast chamber in the lower part, filled with 7.5 kg of SBRX industrial granules. All this makes them acoustically deaf and does not transfer resonances from the lower part of the loudspeakers. The finish follows the columns for a continuous pattern and color.

The stands have polyamide feet that are safe for the floor and four spacer anti-slip pads on the top side, on which the loudspeakers are placed directly.


Below you can see and hear a montage from a listening session in a 14 m2 room.

Audio system used:

- MOON 240i amplifier

- LUMIN U1 mini source (files from the server and TIDAL)

- DAC Digilog Musical Fidelity on TDA1451 dice




Frequency response - 40-22000 Hz

Sensitivity - 88 dB

RMS power - 150 W

Impedance - 8 Ohm

Crossover frequency - 1600 Hz

Recommended amplifier power - 10 - 100 W

Mid-Woofer - STX 10.5 ”(27 cm)

Tweeter - SEAS 4 ”(10.3 cm)

Speaker connectors - single banana

Enclosure material - MDF

Finish - veneer (TEAK, Oak)

Dimensions (HxWxD) - 53.8 x 38.8 x 30 cm

Net weight - 22 kg / pc.

SET PRICE (for the current month) - 9800 PLN