separation bases for AMPHION XENON tower speakers

hardwood audio rack
separation bases HMSM2D-07-BRS for T+A Criterion140



+ SPEAKERS supports MOD


A set of accessories in the form of separating bases and modification of the base elements of the columns themselves was made on a special order for the customer, the owner of a pair of Finnish Amphion Xenon tower speakers. Quite unusual structures, due to a big ratio of width to depth, while maintaining a relatively large height.

It was obvious from the spot that it would not be a simple matter, because the basic condition, apart from certain budgetary constraints, was also the target size of the bases, thus the transverse supports of the tower speakers, which were also to be made.


Factory-made column supports, made of raw sheet metal, with galvanized steel feet and plastic curtain elements on which the columns stood, were dismantled due to the unnecessary expansion of the whole at the expense of valuable space in a small apartment.

The new supports were made of plywood covered with OAK NEGRO veneer and finished with satin polyurethane varnish. Mounting holes for the supports of the tower speakers have been drilled according to the parameters after consulting the manufacturer. There are holes at each end of each suport bracket with stainless steel threaded bushes for mounting new, specially lathed stainless steel spikes.



The bases themselves are made as double layered composite. The lower basis, 25 mm HDF board finished with matt white polyurethane varnish, and the upper, main table top, 21 mm plywood, veneered with OAK NEGRO veneer and finished with hard gel polyurethane varnish. Stainless steel threaded sleeves are mounted in the lower basis for the subsequent installation of feet for the bases.
The feet for the bases are made of lathed aluminum class PA6. Their dimensions are D = 39 x H = 35 mm. They have decorative embossing and M6 mounting thread with a length of 10 mm and a lacquered, black satin finish. Additionally, at the top and at the bottom, discs of compacted cork mass are permanently glued in order to protect against damage to both the lower basis and the surface on which the bases stand.


In order to protect the main top of the speaker base against the pointed spikes of the newly bored spikes for the suport brackets of the speakers, the set includes plates of the same diameter, also made of stainless steel, and additionall cord disc attached.



Weight - 6 kg / pc

Dimensions: 27 x 42 x 8,1 cm

Materials - HDF / birch plywood / aluminum

Finish - WHITE polyurethane varnish / transparent polyurethane varnish / hand-rubbed shellac / hard 2K acrylic varnish for metal works