hardwood audio rack

adjustable steel bases for DIY tower speakers
separation bases for AMPHION XENON tower speakers



(solid wood)


The bookcase was made to order and was the first small-sized piece of furniture of this type (type of structure). It was made entirely of solid exotic WENGE wood.


The furniture, in the most important matters, i.e. dimensions, was very clearly defined, and this is because it was to be designed ultimately for the already purchased set of audio equipment. The matter was made much easier by providing full data of all audio components - including the most important - dimensions - and determining their location on the rack. As for the design, some freedom was left as long as the maximum possible dimensions were kept.


In accordance with the requirements, the raw material for the entire piece of furniture was solid exotic wood WENGE. Despite the fact that it is difficult to process and harmful to health without solid protection, it is characterized by one important feature - it is a material of incredible hardness and stiffness. Thus, both furniture tops can carry really heavy loads, which often are large amplifiers and power amplifiers.

The tops are made of medley od solid wood, consisting of several blocks with a rectangular cross-section. Due to the chaotic colors of WENGE, they received an additional finish in the form of straight-grain WENGE veneer, to unify the color and shade. After processing, the shelves of the rack obtained the target dimensions of 107 x 40 cm and 22 mm in thickness.




The legs are made of the darker WENGE variety to obtain the effect of an appropriate contrast to the shelves and to enhance their visibility against tchem. A bit brighter shelves were mounted in legg grooves which at the same time gave a very strong support and fastening. The rather unusual location of the legs was to emphasize the design and prevent the tops from bending in the event of a later change of equipment to a heavier one. To protect the substrate against scratching, each leg is equipped with a 2 mm thick cork overlay.

To obtain a solid, strong satin coating, a transparent polyurethane gel varnish was used as the finishing primer, while the top layer consists of 10 layers of hand-rubbed polish based on ruby, natural Indian shellac.




Weight - 17 kg

Dimensions: 113 x 43 x 35 cm

Materials - solid WENGE wood

Finish - polyurethane base varnish / hand-rubbed Indian shellac