audio platform PW2LA-05-P

SHU-2 Sidewood, 2-way stereo monitors
audio platform MB-PP50 for EMOTIVA BassX Ta-100




A custom-made display / isolation platform as a modified version of the base model of the same name. The product has been adapted to the customer's needs by changing one of the dimensions and has been enriched with additional finishing options.


The platform was made in full accordance with the design principle of the PW2LA-05-P model, however, an important issue was to change its depth so that it would fit properly on the top of the shelf on which it was to be placed. The dimension has been reduced by 5 cm compared to the original. Both table tops and spacers to which the feet are attached are covered with natural, pearl birch veneer on each side.

All other elements remained unchanged in form, except for the reduction of the size of those necessary to fit the rest, ie the frame with the African red Padouk middle segment truss.

Whole platform is finished with 20 layers of hand-rubbed polish based on a blend of Indian shellac. The result is a velvety satin finish with a slightly shimmering surface under the light. As base for the whole are specially turned solid brass feet with shock-absorbing inserts in the form of plates made of EPDM rubber and protective inserts made of elastic cork mass.

Currently, the platform serves as the basis for a quite unique turntable - the KUZMA Stabi S with the MORCH-Up 4 tonearm




Weight - 9 kg

Dimensions - 45 x 35 x 10 cm

Materials - birch plywood / pearl birch veneer / solid PADOUK wood / solid brass

Filling - mixture of quartz granules and SBRX rubber granules

Finish - hand-rubbed dewaxed Indian shellac