SHU-2 Sidewood, 2-way stereo monitors

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Mod. SHU-2 Sidewood

This is the first set of 2-way stereo monitors, made completely from scratch according to an original project. Quite unusual, considering the current trends, its appearance was inspired by the aesthetics of audio equipment from the turn of the 1950s and 1960s, but at the same time it made the monitors look quite original, even among the Vintage models, which are the closest to their style in age.


SHU-2 Sidewood is a two-way, closed construction, based on components of the Polish brand STX. Two loudspeakers, mid-mid-range and a tweeter connected with a crossover with a 12/8/8 characteristic, create a system with a total power of 80W.

Monitors with an internal volume of 27 liters, thanks to the transducers used, generate a clean, warm and pleasant sound, with low-reaching bass. At the same time, they retain a relatively high level of detail, which is most noticeable when listening to music such as jazz or chamber or symphonic music, where every sound from individual instruments is important.

The set is also characterized by a very good, perfectly perceptible stereo thanks to which you can experience both gentle and strong transitions of sounds, taking into account the high precision of placing them in space.

MDF boards were used as the basic raw material for the construction of the enclosures. The rear, detachable panel has gold-plated terminals that accommodate most speaker cable mounts. There is one incomplete partition in the middle between the speakers. The whole is finished with a structural, matte black polyurethane varnish.

The sides, columns and legs are made of solid exotic wood - Asian Merbau, and have been hand-finished with a multi-layer polish based on natural Indian shellac. 2 cm corrugated acoustic foam with increased density was used to dampen the enclosures.




RMS power - 60 W,

Max power - 80 W,

Impedance - 8 Ohm,

Frequency - 50 - 23000 Hz,

Crossover frequency - 3500 Hz,

Efficiency - 91 dB,

Terminals - brass coated (banana/raw cables),

Dimensions - 73 x 34,5 x 22 cm,

Weight - 2 x 14,5 kg

For rooms 15-25 m2