Mobile A/V rack

MMS-1 audio cable support
Hardwood base for Gigawatt PF 2EVO


Mobile A/V

in natural oak veneer


The rack was made to order and was to function as a mobile stand with high load capacity for a large number of audio components.

The construction base was a single and double-glued chipboard, veneered with fully natural oak veneer. All elements have been joined with invisible connections, without the use of any screws.

The rack with a total width of 156 cm and a depth of 50 cm, in addition to the main and lower table top has two massive shelves 98 cm wide and a lockable cabinet with an internal width of 45 cm, which was to be used for temporary storage of less used devices.

In the back wall of the cabinet, three industrial-grade power strips, each with six sockets were installed which were to facilitate the connection of all devices in one place and minimize the number of wires directed to the main power source.

Industrial-grade, double-bearing polyurethane wheels were installed in the bottom sectiom, the main task of which was to easily move the rack despite the weight of the equipment and massive weight of its own (95 kg).

The rack has been dyed with a specially selected stain and finished with hard oil-wax and hand-applied and polished UV filtered wax with a satin finish.