MMS-1 audio cable support

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MSS-1 audio cable support


The MMS-1 is the first model of supports for heavy, assembled audio cables, both for power and signal cables. It is a product intended for permanent sale. The particular model is standardized and cannot be modified on request.

Sale in sets of 4.


The MMS-1 model is made of solid MAHOGANY in the SAPELLI variety and dyed with a chemically hardening pigment in the shade of Moroccan RED.

Each piece has a cylindrical stainless steel insert mounted in the bottom, which loads it to a weight of 300g. This, in combination with the applied set of non-slip polyurethane feet, makes the model an aesthetic and at the same time stable display base for elegant, ready-made cables.

The model is designed for cables with a total diameter of 20 mm.



Pieces in the set - 4 pcs.

Weight - 300 g, +/- 5 g

Dimensions: 80 x 50 x 48 mm

Materials - solid MAHOGANY / SAPELLI / stainless steel

Finish - chemically cured pigment coating in Morrocan RED color

PRICE OF 1 SET (PRICE FOR 10.2021) - 94,49 EUR


Information about stock availability provided after submitting the order via the contact form