audio platform HPAM-02-S

audio platform HMBM-03-A
24 June 2021
audio platform PW1LA-04-P
24 June 2021




Exhibition platform for stationary audio equipment. Double-layer, composite construction.


The platform is made of transverse plywood of exotic wood - African PADOUK (upper table top and feet) and MDF. The wooden top is permanently firmly fixed to the MDF base.

The system combines the high damping factor of MDF with the low energy storage factor of high-density solid wood (870-900 kg / m3).
The whole is equipped with four brass adjustable cones for precise leveling of the platform on any surface.

The above model was purchased by a customer from the Czech Republic and contrary to the original assumption that it would serve as the basis for a turntable or amplifier, it was used as a base for full-size floorstanders based on full-range drivers.



Weight - 7 kg

Main top dimensions - 48 x 38,5 cm

Overall dimensions - 52 x 42 x 8,5 cm

Materials - HDF / soild PADOUK wood / brass

Finish - BLACK polyurethane varnish / natural Tung oil