audio platform HMBM-03-A

bases for PIONEER CS-901A
24 June 2021
audio platform HPAM-02-S
24 June 2021




Display platform for stationary audio equipment. Double-layer, composite construction. Perfect as a basis for: tube and traditional transistor amplifiers, DACs, turntables, power amplifiers, etc.


It provides an exclusive display of equipment and a stable base for audio equipment. The platform is made of cross laminated exotic wood - East Asian MERBAU (main table top) and MDF. The wooden top is permanently joined with the MDF base.

The system combines the high damping factor of MDF with the low energy storage factor of high-density solid wood (870-900 kg / m3).

As the basis for the whole set, there are four original stands made of turned aluminum PA11 with a black satin finish. The bases have additional insulating properties thanks to the use of a durable connection with EPDM rubber plates and compacted cork mass.




Weight - 7 kg

Main top dimensions - 50 x 40 cm

Overall dimensions - 52 x 44 x 6 cm

Materials - HDF / solid MERBAU wood / solid aluminum (laquered)

Finish - WHITE polyurethane varnish / hand-rubber natural Indian shellac