GRUNDIG V1700 – Full Custom woodcase

custom mini audiorack – solid oak & steel
MMS-1 audio cable support


GRUNDIG V1700 - Full Custom woodcase


The woodcase for the GRUNDIG V1700 amplifier was made to order and in cooperation with the customer. The client's intention was to give the relatively simple equipment a bit of an elegant, classic look.


The cabinet is traditionally made of solid, homogeneous birch plywood. The amplifier is placed in it by inserting it from the back and blocked by the front stop bar at the bottom. Behind its back there are two removable elements that fix its position and prevent the equipment from moving.

In the upper part of the housing, in a milled socket, there is a ventilation grill made of aluminum perforated sheet finished with black, mat acrylic lacquer.


The cabinet is finished with a modified, straight-grain OAK NATURAL veneer and dyed with a chemically hardened stain in the MOCHA shade. The protective layer is hand-applied hard, hygrophobic wax with UV filters.

The base for the woodcase are four feet, 40 mm in diameter and 25 mm high, machined of black polyamide.


In the upper and lower parts at the back of the cabinet, there are additional notches that allow for trouble-free cable routing when the cabinet is fully pushed against the wall.

The large depth of the cabinet was dictated by the size of the next equipment that was supposed to be placed on it and the additional space behind the amplifier made it possible to hide excess cables.




Weight - approx. 5 kg

External dimensions: 45.7 x 38 x 14.8 cm

Materials - solid birch plywood / NATURAL OAK veneer / black polyamide / aluminum

Finish - hand-applied hard wax with UV filters