adjustable steel bases for DIY tower speakers

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For DIY tower speakers


The set of adjustable steel bases for tower speakers was made to order. The set was first of this kind. The client requested strong bases with a height adjustment option that would easily support DIY tower speakers with a unit weight of about 23 kg.


The bases were made as a fully original project, due to complete freedom in terms of design. The necessity to limit the thickness, for visual reasons and the load capacity, was dictated by the choice of material for the construction base - black steel, 6 mm thick. After the design phase of the bases was completed, the steel plate forms were laser-cut in order to obtain the highest precision of the shape, assembly holes and their spacing.

In order to obtain the most mechanically resistant and color-lasting finish, after initial grinding and smoothing the edges, the cut steel plates were subjected to powder coating in MATTE BLACK color.



The most important aspect of the design was the leveling feet. In order to visually match the dimensions of the base and the column itself, and to meet the customer's requirements regarding the target distance between the columns and the floor (approx. 8-9 cm), they had to be adequately massive in appearance and color-matched.

The legs are designed as a 5-element structure with height adjustment in the range of + 8/9 mm from the nominal position. After turning from aluminum, they reached the target diameter of 49 mm. The set of elements enabling height adjustment by knurling the surface, obtained a more convenient handle for turning. After completing all the elements, they were dyed black with oxides to match the color of the plates.


The legs have been additionally equipped with several additional elements made of other materials, such as protective, elastic inserts made of cork mass located directly under the top, above the regulating element and between it and the lowest element of the base. As elements in contact with the ground, extruded discs with a conical profile made of black, sliding polyamide were used, aimed at convenient rotation and adjustment of the legs and free movement of thetower speakers on the ground.




Weight - 8 kg / pc

Dimensions: 30 x 42 x 11 cm

Materials - black steel / aluminum / polyamide

Finish - BLACK powder coating / BLACK oxide